Holographic Products

With strong technical expertise and skill-base at our disposal, we specialize in delivering Holographic Products. The sole aim of manufacturing these products started with a vision of providing solutions for clients to secure their losses due to duplicity and to protect their brand image. To provide value to its clientele, we at Neeru Group have come up with various Holographic Product innovations amongst which Security Holograms are a trailblazer.

Security Holograms Sheet Form

The holograms are supplied in sheet form suitable for manual application. Each Sheet is serially numbered for proper accountability of the holograms. There is no gap required between two holograms for square and rectangular hologram with sharp edge corners, but a gap of 3 mm is required for circular and rounded corner holograms.
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Security Holograms Spool Form

The holograms are supplied in spool form with a gap of minimum 2.5-3 mm between two holograms. These holograms can be applied both manually and automatically using automatic dispensing machine.
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Holographic Strip

Holograms can be supplied in strip / spool forms also. This can be supplied with or without release paper. The holographic strip can directly be laminated on paper, laminates /pouches etc. PS Film can also provide this machine attachment for the application of holographic strip on an automatic lamination machine directly at client site.
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